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1. What is the new-age Community in which brands participate as fans?

Hello! This article was originally written in Japanese.

24karat aims to create a world where fans and brands run by companies or individuals can share the brand itself, transcending the boundaries between them.

Until now, the word "community" has been used to refer to a completely bottom-up, fan-to-fan gathering where no company or other entity is involved, and when a company is involved, the image of the gathering is more like a fan club with a strong line to the brand.

On the 24karat platform, fans can own the rights to embody the brand and their collections, and show them to other fans and exchange them with each other. In other words, it is a fusion of community and fan club, an evolution of the traditional idea of community in which the brand becomes a part of the community while at the same time being the owner of the content. So, how can a brand ultimately connect these new communities to its business?

2. Go-To-Community, How can Community be used for business?

In this connection, A16z, a VC firm that has invested in many web3 startups, introduced the concept of GTC on its blog.


“As the name suggests, go-to-community is the process of operationalizing and optimizing your community-building efforts to align them with business outcomes.”
“rather than capturing value from these people, GTC seeks to create value with and for them. “

To return to the previous point, companies and individuals who manage brands need to understand the brand's past and create future value together with the brand's users as stakeholders, rather than just users who have used the brand's products and services and brought in sales. In addition, it will be necessary to consider the direction of the brand as a Go-To-Community by combining this with business result indicators.

3. Element of Content for Successful New Communities

More concretely

-Service/product:What brands provide to the rest of world

-Touch point (app/web/real/on demand):Where user face with brands

-Contents (design/art/entertainment/text):What are dealt in community

It is necessary to consider what the current status of these three categories is, and how the brand will work with fans to create and enhance communities in the future. In the past, a community was a touch point where users interacted with each other = community, but from now on, an element of content will be added.

In other words, what kind of experiences, rights, proofs, and artworks can be provided to the community as content that embodies the brand's worldview is as important as the touch points where fans interact with the service itself that the brand has. I will write another article on what kind of content to prepare and what kind of story to tell to be effective.

By utilizing blockchain technology, 24karat flexibly provides the best mechanism for creating such a new community. If we can continuously create a state in which users create value together with a brand = a state in which they become fans, we can create a system in which brand businesses can grow spontaneously and quickly in a way that has never been seen before. Let's take on the challenge of creating a new era of community with 24karat!

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