• Seth Luan

Introducing the HUB

Driving innovation is all about solving real life, practical business problems. After months of discovery (we'd love to publish an article on our discovery process in a separate blog) the 24karat team has identified the Loyalty Program in Japan to be a major bottleneck to a better consumer experience.

The Loyalty Program started as an offline, paper based experience and has slowly evolved digitally over the years. The incumbents have chosen to create silo'ed experiences that attempt to enclose their consumers to their own eco-system. And this choice has caused two major issues that is now hurting the industry:

  1. Consumers are left with a fragmented experience and end up having to carry a Loyalty card for every brand available

  2. The backends are architected as silos and is becoming unscalable and expensive to maintain overtime

There is no solution that will change the situation overnight, but we believe that our technology will be able to help businesses to manage their Loyalty Programs faster and cheaper so that they can spend more time on designing the next generation of consumer experiences.

Introducing the HUB, the SaaS platform that business users can use to

  1. start and manage their own Loyalty Programs

  2. integrate with their current Loyalty Programs to leverage the cloud based architecture

  3. (because the Loyalty Programs now sit on the cloud) connect with Loyalty Program from other companies. This includes connecting to API powered Financial services. Imagine saving points and be able to pay directly with the points, or to exchange with other financial products

Our development for the APIs are underway, and we'd love to work with you to establish some innovative use cases together. Contact us anytime.

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