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24karat's 1st brand token with "Sapporo SORACHI 1984" and funding from XTech Ventures

1. About 24karat Co., Ltd.

24karat Co., Ltd. (Headquarter: Shibuya-ku, Co-founder / CEO: Masaki Ogawa, Seth Luan) https://www.24karat.io/ was launched in the winter of 2020 with the mission of "Challenge the status quo and push global innovations forward".

Launched in October 2021, "24karat ZAP" - a mobile application that issues branded loyalty points in the form of tokens on the blockchain brings infinite liquidity by enabling real time exchange between individuals and brands; and “24karat NFT Marketplace” - a web application that enables NFT conversion of brand digital contents and experiences. Brand fans can exchange for the NFT contents from their favorite brands with their branded tokens in their wallets.

In addition to the traditional role of discount services as points, brand tokens can offer unique content and experiences as exchange prizes by NFTs, which can increase user loyalty. Furthermore, by forming a community of tokens by various brands on the same platform, it will contribute to the collaboration of brands and the expansion of communities through active exchange of tokens. The digital wallet and reward experiences also help to attract the younger generation segment to the brands.

2. ”Sapporo SORACHI 1984” as the first brand token on platform

"Sapporo SORACHI 1984" has been well received as an unique beer brand that makes use of the hop "Sorachiace" developed by Sapporo Beer in Hokkaido. There are brand-certified ambassadors among the users, and voluntary activities are being carried out to spread "SORACHI 1984" to the world. By distributing brand tokens according to such activities and making it possible to exchange for original digital contents and limited digital membership cards, "SORACHI 1984" will become a more approachable brand for fans in its effort to build an active community. There are also plans to utilize the technology for real-life, offline fan engagements.


3. Purpose of this funding

With this funding, we will keep refining the user experience of the service and accelerate research and development of new ways to further enhance the NFT experience.

We also offer APIs to connect to our service. If you're a brand looking for a new form of direct engagement with your users, please contact us at [email protected]


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