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TOKEN2049 @Singapore

We attended (https://www.asia.token2049.com/) held on September 28-29. In this issue, I will write about the experience and the future of 24karat, reflecting on the actions we decided on in June last time.

Focused actions decided in June

Focusing on the efforts with existing customers and integration partners, we will move the use cases anyway and share them widely outside.

 > The case of Sapporo Beer SORACHI is getting quite solid. Operation in the production environment has gradually begun. We are also starting development to introduce APIs to client apps, so we are getting closer to being able to envision more use cases. If you are interested, download 24k-ZAP!

We will hold off on developing new features until we have new use cases, and work on brushing up the current experience and improving the performance of the API.

 > We have eliminated as much friction as possible from the user experience that is currently possible, such as account creation and campaign participation. We invite you to try the application.

We will conduct deeper research on successful NFT projects to better understand what elements inherently attract users.

 > This is exactly why we went to Singapore this time, to hear what kind of issues and solutions are being discussed in the midst of what is being called Crypto winter.

TOKEN2049 @Singapore

The amount of people who attended the event was amazing, with more than 8,000 people, eight times more than in 2018, the last time the event was held in the real world!

The keywords that were spoken about in the speaker sessions were Crypto winter and Bear market, and I felt that because the Crypto bubble has burst, expectations for projects/products with long-term value and technologies such as Layer 2 that can handle the masses are rising from both business and investors' perspectives. I also felt that expectations for projects/products with long-term value and technologies such as Layer 2 that can handle the masses are rising from the perspective of both businesses and investors.

The main focus of the booth was DeFi, but on the data side, Splunk was talking about solutions that fuse off-chain and on-chain data, and NFT's developer tool Gomu and other solutions were seen at a layer closer to the business side.

Including the ...side events, the real experience at NFT was surprisingly not widespread. There were many unnatural and inconvenient experiences, such as being asked for a metamask after registering with an email address, and 24karat has decided once again to experiment with smoother and more exciting experiences at future real events.

Priority actions within 2022

Redefine the company as a company with funding in the near future

 We will not only simplify our sales story, but also define the basic aspects of our Mission/Vision/Value, etc. for recruitment. In addition, we are also in the process of renewing our website.

Launch of small-scale DAO project

 We will support individual-based projects that are not just large corporate brands by incorporating DAO elements and increasing the number of touch points, mainly through Discord and SNS. We are looking for people who want to start up projects!

Collaboration with Sapporo Beer SORACHI

 We aim to collaborate with brands that share and embody SORACHI's concepts of "challenge" and "from Japan to the world. Collaboration specifically includes mutual exchange of tokens (SWAP) and creation of NFTs that can be exchanged between two types of tokens. We are looking for brands!

-Development of a browser-complete NFT acquisition experience.

 The lottery and NFT acquisition features will be released by the end of this month.

If you are interested, we are open to any position. Please contact us at 24karat!

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