A SaaS platform where Brands can create and manage branded tokenized assets for their Fans


You can visualize, engage, and reward your most engaged fans in real time without the need for expensive customer management systems

Brand NFT and Utilities


Flow-based private NFT

  • Airdrop or exchangeable with brand tokens

  • Utilities: Collection, Membership, Ticket, Coupon, Token Gate etc.

  • Unlocked contents

  • (optional) Non-transferable NFTs

  • Create and share showoff rooms with friends

Brand Token


Flow-based private token

  • Contribute to community to earn

  • User can gift to other users

  • (optional) Swap with other brands’ tokens

  • Visualize ranking

  • Exchange for brand NFT

  • Optional: Prepaid tokens by credit card



Bridge with Web3 like Open Sea

  • Convert Brand NFT to public NFT on other chains which allows you to sell on other marketplaces or to use in metaverse.

  • Optional

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