Exploring endless NFT utility possibilities through real experiences


Sorachi beer: Tiered NFT Membership

  • Tier based NFT membership with limited mints.

  • Higher rank of NFT membership allows fans to get rarer NFT items.

  • Brands can set the NFT as non-transferable.

  • Fans need to return the membership if they want to step up so that a whole pool of mints aren't changed.

  • Brands can send message e.g. event invitation to specific NFT holders.

Sorachi beer: Offline QR token distribution and coupon experience
  • QR cubes are placed in real brand touch points such as restaurants and bars to give fans tokens.

  • Experiences are optimized for non-app and app users with QR scanning.

  • Fans exchange for NFT coupons once they have accumulated enough tokens.

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More use cases coming soon...

  • Collect NFT pieces for special NFT item as an award

  • Token gate for special events and commerce place

  • Collection game with Generative NFT

  • Create a mosaic art together with fans as a SNS campaign

and more! 

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