Web3 loyalty marketing platform for brands

Brands of all sizes can use 24karat’s softwares and APIs to issue brand tokens, create branded NFTs, and interact with their communities online and offline.







About 24karat

The 24karat platform empowers brands, projects, and communities to effortlessly create and utilize their own tokens/NFTs, anywhere and in any capacity, to enhance engagement and realize their ambitious vision.

Are you facing challenges in achieving customer/fan loyalty for your business?
Rising costs with point program, without a clear indication of their long-term impact on customer retention
Challenging to attract digital native segments
Struggling to curtail user churns resulting from fragmented campaigns and digital experiences
24karat offers a viable solution to address these issues by leveraging the transformative capabilities of Web3 technology
We offer a cutting-edge marketing solution
Brand tokens and NFTs with highly customizable and captivating experiences and marketing features.

How it Works

Brand Token

Tokens acquired by completing missions and used for voting project selection or for redeeming for Brand NFTs.

Brand NFT

NFT can’t be purchased by crypto but only exchanged by your Brand Token. Rank user, and set popular contents inside your community.

Cloud wallet

All brand tokens and NFT are stored in a unique wallet. Connect the wallet by pass phrase for account experience beyond apps.


at Anywhere, in Any ways

// Create seed phrase
curl --location --request POST
'https://wallet.24karat.io/api/v1/admin/auth/seed' \
--header 'X-API-KEY: your-partner-api-key'
// {
//   "seed": "your-wallet-seed-phrase"
// }

// Active Wallet
curl --location --request POST
'https://wallet.24karat.io/api/v1/admin/auth/seed/activate' \
--header 'X-API-KEY: your-partner-api-key' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
    "seed": "your-wallet-seed-phrase"
// {
//   "uid": "24karat-uid",
//   "access_token": "access-token",
//   "refresh_token": "refresh-token"
// }

// Login
curl --location --request POST
'https://wallet.24karat.io/api/v1/auth/seed/login' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
    "seed": "your-wallet-seed-phrase"
// {
//   "uid": "5Asf2kgxxuMBXV0OCeu7fKXihBx2",
//   "access_token": "access-token",
//   "refresh_token": "refresh-token"
// }

// Mint NFT
curl --location --request POST
'https://wallet.24karat.io/api/v1/templates/FREE-BEER-S40BI-W6OMO/mint' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer access-token'
Connect to our API. Connect to all the latest NFT experiences.
Build a digital integration to create your next loyalty experience in your touch points. Design no crypto knowledge are required to your end users.
Use 24kZAP as your brands digital loyalty touch point, which is a mobile application. Each brand can introduce their vision, roadmap, and campaigns. It allow users to redeem tokens for brand NFTs.
User can store manage their tokens and NFTs there, and also enjoy a very flexible experience like sending their tokens to other family and friends and swapping with other brands tokens in real time.
Do you want quickly to launch a community website? Leverage our Community kit. You can use various features to entertain your fans like voting, token leaderboard and your own NFT market. The site can be connected with 24kZAP so that brand can provide personalized experience based on user's wallet status.
Just list up your items on 24karat NFT Market, which is the world's first and only Branded NFT marketplace. Brand can let user can exchange their tokens with NFTs as web version of 24kZAP and at the same time, can have a choice of selling brand tokens via credit card. It also connects with brand admin UI.
24karat Experience APIAPI
24karat Community KitCommunity Kit
24karat NFT MarketplaceMarketplace

Innovative features by real Web3 tech stacks

Our unique experience based on Web3 technology provides user with brand-new loyalty experiences

Real NFT but non-crypto

Enjoy proof of digital ownership proven by each brand and public blockchain. Users and brand can anytime see their NFT proof on the Flow blockchain even without cashability


Community drives co-creation of contents and higher brand value, which is incentivized by fungible brand tokens, and totally different motivation to users from ordinal points for discount

Data portability

User owns their data and decides where to share data with by just one action. This means multiple brands can share user data for collaboration by user’s spontaneous actions rather than back-end data exchange.

Proven and easy to be accepted experience

24karat pursues not only innovativeness but also user-friendly experience for true innovation of loyalty


Familiar but exciting experiences to ordinal users by completing missions like quiz, vote, collection etc.


Integration with physical offline devices such as vending machine or QR code for smooth O2O experiences

Terminology / Flow

Terminology and user flow that feels familiar to users of any gender or age

Start by reading our whitepaper

We constantly listen to what our users want and our whitepaper is constantly being updated and maintained. Please come back often for the latest visions of the future.