A Blockchain-based brand new loyalty program experience 

Start a new relationship with your customers by owned brand tokens with unlimited freedom and NFT showing brand's unique attractiveness on 24karat platform.

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24karat ZAP

ZAP-24k is a digital wallet mobile application, where you can discover your favorite brands, manage your various tokens, exchange with NFT collectibles, and more importantly ZAP your tokens with other users. ZAP represents an instant action to take action with your tokens. Such as gift, send, or trade.

24karat NFT Marketplace

24k Market is the world's first and only Branded NFT marketplace where brands and creators can easily create NFTs that can only be exchanged only with their own branded tokens. By owning the official NFTs as collectibles, loyal fans can reach a high sense of fulfilment; which leads to higher loyalty. Some collectibles can even be bought by credit cards (with brand permission).

Why 24karat?

Innovate the relationship with your customers and maximize loyalty

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Tell your brand stories more effectively. Brand new loyalty experience with P2P trade and NFTs will attract current and new users.

Find right partners to expand your communities and grow bigger

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Multiple brand tokens on the same platform gives you freedom to connect to other communities. Find right partners to attract more users.

Flexibility to build on top of our platform to suit your own business cases

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All our capabilities are available via APIs so you can create even more awesome user experience into your projects based on your user data. 

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