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What is NFT?

NFT is a technology that gives the only mark on the blockchain. The NFT has become possible to hold and prove unique digital goods and digital membership cards one by one.

If it is translated as it is, it is called a non -alternative token. "Substitution" means, for example, the value is distributed as the same 10,000 yen, no matter what 10,000 yen bill you have. This is in a "alternative" state. On the other hand, 10,000 yen per sheet is unique, for example, a 10,000 yen bill with celebrity signs may be worth 100,000 yen, unlike other 10,000 yen bills. 。 This will be in a "non -substitute" state.

Thus, each digital file (images, videos, etc.), which could not be distinguished, has been rarity, and the popular digital files are worthwhile.

Many are issued on the blockchain called Ethereum, but recently issuance/transactions in chains, which are used by 24karat, are also popular.

What is a wallet?

It's like an account on a blockchain to save your tokens and NFT. Wallets include an account on the encryption asset exchange and Metamask. Most NFT Market Place allows you to purchase and sell NFT by encrypted assets by linking your own wallet.

What is a passphrase?

Passphrase is a unique password in the world, combining multiple words. By using this passphrase, you can restore the wallet account on the blockchain.

Like your private key, it will be your own wallet information, so be sure to save it in a place that no one can see.

What is a wallet address?

Wallet public keys are called user's wallet addresses. The user address will allow token to send it and check the balance on the blockchain.

What is a token in the blockchain?

The token that can be used as a blockchain is an electronic identifier recorded in the blockchain, but actually has various meanings from the perspective of technical, use, and regulations. (As of August 10, 2022)

Technical perspective

・ Fundible Token

As a so -called virtual currency, it refers to a token that can be replaced if the type is the same for any token. An alternative means, for example, the $ 1 bill of user A and the dollar bill of user B have the value of the same dollar wherever you use it.

・ NFT (Non - Fundible Token)

Contrary to the above, the non -fungible token, the so -called NFT, so that each token can be identified in a completely unique state. One unique product, for example, images, videos, the time issued, and the previous transaction history, etc., for digital data, which could not have unique to this technology. "I can now handle it.

View of use

・ UT (utility token)

UT, as the name implies, is a token that leads to some use. It is easier to understand compared to the ST described in the future that expects later revenue just by holding it.

・ Governance stall

The gorvernance token is a token that is used as voting rights for decision -making in a group that owns tokens. The voting rights according to the amount of tokens and the holding period are calculated, and are used to determine the future direction of the project.

・ ST (security token)

ST is a token that is used similar to shares. By holding it, it is possible to distribute future profits and use it as a means of raising funds for companies and organizations. Currently, ICO, which is a method of financing tokens, is prohibited in Japan, and techniques such as IEO an d IDO related to encrypted asset exchanges have been tested.

Legal and regulations (Japan)

・ Crypto asset/prepayment payment method/exchange exchange transaction (fund transfer business)/free points

Mainly, the fundible token is mainly determined by what the above regulations or not. Legally, all tokens do not fall into encrypted assets, but are expected to clarify more regulations in the future.

・ Securities and other

If NFT is mainly used by holding it, it may be treated as a securities such as stock certificates. It has also been pointed out that if a large amount of tokens that can be regarded as non -fadirs are issued as NFT, they will receive the same regulation as fundible token.

What is a blockchain?

A blockchain is a way to save data to all participating computers with each transaction history connected (chain). It is difficult to be tampered with, and even if there is no server to be managed in the center, there are characteristics such as proving transactions between individuals, but since it is written on many computers every time, it may take more time in the process of a normal web mechanism. I have. There are many blockchain platforms depending on the way of thinking and recruitment, and have different characteristics depending on the application, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, and Flow.

24karat uses a blockchain called Flow from the viewpoint of gas bill (commission) and convenience for users.

What is 24kZAP?

24kZAP, a mobile app developed and operated by 24karat, is a unique cloud wallet with various functions, storing brand tokens and brand NFTs issued on the 24karat platform.

What is a brand NFT?

The brand NFT is an NFT that can be exchanged for the brand token specified by the brand. It proves that the brand is the reality of being issued and that it has the identity of contributing to the brand community.

In addition to the collection items of the brand design and the membership card proof of the member rank, it can be issued as a brand NFT even if it is due to electronic data (links, QR codes, etc.) such as coupons and tickets. increase.

What is a brand token?

The tokens issued by 24karat, which bear the name of each brand, are not traded on exchanges or by legal currency, like ordinary tokens.

Brand tokens are granted from brands in various forms online and offline by performing activities set by each brand community. This token is not intended to ultimately make money due to price rising, but is designed to be visualized and visualized between brands and users.

How can I see a reward redeemed in 24kZAP?

In the app, go to "Wallet" > "My NFT" or jump from the link of https://zap24k.page.link/my_nfts

How can I see my balance on blockchain?

You can type your wallet address here to see your balance on chain. https://www.flowview.app/

My tokens seem to be gone when I login. how should I do?

Are you sure loging in with credential you used before? You might have made an account with another one. or please check your wallet address on chain and contact to us anytime if there is any problem.