About Us

We are an experience company that focuses on building awesome user experiences with cutting edge technologies and a scalable business model.


Masaki Ogawa, Co-Founder

Masaki is a 10+ years veteran in Ads, Digital/Data marketing as a sales/business incubation evangelist and data/operation structure strategist. Bachelor of Law department from The University of Tokyo.


Seth Luan, Co-Founder

Seth is a 10+ years professional of Technical and Product leadership experience in mobile phones, FinTech, digital marketing, PropTech, and various startups. Master of Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Southern California.

Our Mission

We are rebels who see things differently.
Our mission is to challenge the status quo and push global innovations forward.


PoinTech as Vision

By removing the frictions away from legacy loyalty point program experiences, users will be able to discover and access any services in the world with just one device in hand.

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