About Us

Our Mission

"We are rebels who see things differently. Our mission is to challenge the status quo and push global innovations forward."

Our Vision

Our Values

Work for ourselves
We work at 24karat because we love ourselves. We only live once and there is nothing more important than being with people and doing things that we love.
Make 24k Magic
We create experiences that are driven by advanced products, business models, and technologies; experiences that just work and feel like magic.
Bias for action
Speed is crucial in business. If you are faced a decision, only take a moment to decide whether the decision is reversible, then immediately take action based on your own calculations. Only investigate or consult with team throughly if the decision is irreversible.
Decentralized ownership
Take ownership beyond your job descriptions. But do not be a dictator and don’t play any politics. Taking ownership in 24karat means to always be transparent and decentralized amongst company members.
At 24karat we value simplicity. we start with zero based thinking. and when adding one thing we think about removing two things first.
Always learning
Learn continually, there is always ‘one more thing’ to learn” - Steve Jobs
Trust and be trusted
Pass the ball to the teammate with the best opening. Be the one that your teammates always pass the ball to at the most important moments.
Think global
Be a force in the local communities. Keep aiming for the next higher mountain and eventually be a global presence.

Meet our team

Masaki Ogawa


Masaki is a 10+ years veteran in Ads, Digital/Data marketing as a sales/business incubation evangelist and data/operation structure strategist. Bachelor of Law department from The University of Tokyo
Seth Luan


Seth is a 10+ years professional of Technical and Product leadership experience in mobile phones, FinTech, digital marketing, PropTech, and various startups. Master of Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Southern California.
Harry (Vu Huan)

System Architect / Full-stack Engineer

Harry is a senior full-stack engineer, 10+ years experience working on various fields: Credit Card, Mobile Payment, Coupon, MedTech, PropTech.

Full-stack Engineer

Howard is a full-stack engineer, 7 years experience working on various fields: Blockchain, Payment, EdTech, CRM, POS

Full-stack developer

Mark is a full-stack developer with 8 years of experience in web development. Throughout his career, he’s worked on a variety of fields: Education, Live Streaming Platforms, Logistic, Blockchain, etc

Front-end developer

Skyy is a front-end developer with 3+ years of experience in web development. He’s worked on a variety of fields: Human Resource Management Systems, CMS, Applicant Tracking System, Stock, NFT Marketplace, DApp, etc.

Full-stack developer

Leo is a full-stack developer with 4+ years of experience in front-end, back-end, web3. He’s worked on a variety of fields: CMS, NFT Marketplace, DApp, Logistic System, etc.
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Magic is proudly backed by the best



  • Release MVP
Q3 2021


  • Brand NFT/token creation, NFT marketplace, token swap
  • Release of mobile app
Q3 2021


  • First brand token and NFT
Q1 2022


  • Brand management
  • API for integration
Q2 2022


  • Scan to collect, scan for award, redeem NFT coupon at store
  • Notification to NFT owners
Q3 2022


  • Bridge NFT to Web3 wallet
  • Renewal for Marketplace
  • Campaign creator for brand admin
Q4 2022


  • Bridge to Web3 - addition of Solana
  • NFT Utility Creator
  • No-code NFT mint widget for partners
  • Migration of filesystem to IPFS
Q1 2023


  • Member status validation (JAL experience)
  • Communication to NFT holders feature
  • Mint with NFC
Q2 2023


  • System architecture refactoring
  • System monitoring
  • Internal development tools
  • Data reporting dashboard
Q3 2023


  • Partner integration: Metaverse
  • Partner intergration: Crypto Wallets
  • Trial for P2P Brand token trading
Q4 2023