Released a news of completion Pre-Series A round, along with our product and service overview and projects of sustainability and local communities.

■24karat’s Business and Purpose of Funding24karat proposes a strong connection between brands and users by leveraging the fluidity and scalability of Web3 to enhance convenience, and by building a loop in which the fundamental needs of loyal users, such as the desire for recognition and self-gratification, are satisfied in an enjoyable and continuous manner by […]

March 16, 2023

TOKEN2049 @Singapore

We attended ( held on September 28-29. In this issue, I will write about the experience and the future of 24karat, reflecting on the actions we decided on in June last time. Focused actions decided in June Focusing on the efforts with existing customers and integration partners, we will move the use cases anyway and […]

March 15, 2023


1. What is the new-age Community in which brands participate as fans? Hello! This article was originally written in Japanese. 24karat aims to create a world where fans and brands run by companies or individuals can share the brand itself, transcending the boundaries between them. Until now, the word “community” has been used to refer […]

March 15, 2023

NFT * Brand

Hello! This article was originally written in Japanese. Little by little, more and more people are talking about how NFT and blockchain can be used in the real world, and how they are actually being used. 24karat aims to use NFTs and tokens not for short-term speculative goals, but to create long-term relationships between brands […]

March 15, 2023

Building a happy economy for your brand by leveling up your fan engagement with NFTs and tokens

This blog was originally posted on medium This story is written for brand owners, whether they are corporates or individuals, from a fan’s point of view. We all have heard of NFTs and how artists and investors can make a wondrous amount of money by publishing and investing digital contents on the blockchain. Creating […]

March 15, 2023

24karat ecosystem doc

Intro to 24karat ecosystem Loyalty programs, re-imagined. Imagine earning loyalty tokens from your favorite brands, and then have the ability to gift the tokens to loved one or swap the brand tokens to another. The loyalty tokens are then used for you to exchange for your favorite brands’ NFTs. By leveraging the power of blockchain […]

March 15, 2023

Why 24karat?

Hi, thank you for reading our blog. I’m Masaki Ogawa, co-founder of 24karat. We hope it helps you to get new insights and leads to interest to our team. As the first blog for me, I’ll try to remember and write about when and how Seth and I met and why we are driving our […]

March 15, 2023

Introducing the HUB

Driving innovation is all about solving real life, practical business problems. After months of discovery (we’d love to publish an article on our discovery process in a separate blog) the 24karat team has identified the Loyalty Program in Japan to be a major bottleneck to a better consumer experience. The Loyalty Program started as an […]

March 15, 2023


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