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24karat ecosystem doc

Intro to 24karat ecosystem

Getting started

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Intro to 24karat ecosystem

Loyalty programs, re-imagined.

Imagine earning loyalty tokens from your favorite brands, and then have the ability to gift the tokens to loved one or swap the brand tokens to another. The loyalty tokens are then used for you to exchange for your favorite brands' NFTs.

By leveraging the power of blockchain the team at 24karat have re-invented the experience for how brands interact and communicate with their communities. We imagine a world where the brands and their fans help each other to reach peak experiences, and where brands collaborate with one another to drive more innovations.

And everything starts with our two core products:

  • 24karat ZAP wallet

  • 24karat NFT marketplace

Getting started

24karat ZAP wallet (24kZAP)

This is where users get to discover new brand tokens, collect, interact, and exchange for brand NFTs.

24karat NFT marketplace (24kNFT)

Brands and creators can create branded NFTs that can only be exchanged/bought with their own branded tokens. Individual creators can collaborate with a brand to mint branded NFTs, or they can simply mint with 24karat branded NFTs.

Users can buy NFTs with tokens they already have, or purchase with a credit card. Users can also sell their NFTs to earn more brand tokens.

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Do I make money selling my NFTs?

You only make money selling NFTs if you are the original creator of the piece.

If you are the creator, the amount of money that you make is the initial selling price after fees and the royalty fee associated with your piece for any subsequent sale transactions.

If you are a collector, You will make brand tokens that you can use to buy another piece of NFT collectible from your favorite brand.

Why do some NFTs have monetary value displayed while others do not?

It depends on the brand token setup. If the brand token allows payment with a credit card then the system displays the NFT in monetary values. On the other hand if the brand token does not allow payment with a credit card then there will not be any monetary value displayed.

How can I get brand tokens which don’t allow payment with a credit card?

Go to our 24karat ZAP app and see conditions to get. No-sold tokens usually can be obtained by participating in events of brands,

Purchasing brand goods, etc based on the setting of each brand.

How can I create branded NFTs?

You can chose 24karat as a default brand. For other brands, you need to be invited by them! If you are a creator and have love and ideas for collaboration with a brand, please contact us.


☑ Public launch of 24kNFT
☐ Public launch of 24kZAP
☐ NFT payment with credit card on 24kNFT
☐ Digital frame that connects with 24kZAP


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