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The crossing of Point liquidity and NFT by 24karat

Hello, again!

It’s been while since we posted the blog here. Today, I’m gonna introduce two big items we are now working on as our solution by borrowing some articles.

1. Point liquidity

We, 24karat has a vision that intangible value provided by service owners, so called “point” can help endusers feel more smooth ,frictionless, and exciting experience if it has more freedom to get, exchange, give, and use.Our blockchain based coin system enables companies to build their point system in this way. More practically, our digital wallet, 24karat digital wallet helps users to own multiple points under the same account without giving us any PII theoretically. Besides, we’re building platform where companies can chose whom they want to partner with. It means they don’t necessarily have to participate in a big eco-system built by mega platformer but they still can find right partnership which are suit for their own customers.

The keyword of this idea would be “Token economy.”



By KPMG 2018/11/21


In this world, each service provider can publish intangible value and give users more choices for exits. The points could be exchanged with block chain based values like NFT along with traditional rewards, shopping discount. Additionally, with appropriate licences, cryptocurrencies could be connectable, too.

The feature is fit with companies who want to attract and engage with young generation who are used toC2C ecosystem mainly by social media.

Cases of “LINE or "Mercari” could be a good use case to see this point.


メルカリ暗号資産参入の深層 「NFT」で流通革命狙う By 日本経済新聞 2021/6/21 https://japan.cnet.com/article/35172075/

LINE、「NFTマーケット」提供へ--独自ブロックチェーンで発行されたNFTの二次流通に By C-net Japan 2021/6/14 2. NFT NFT stands for, as you may know, Non-Fungible-Token which is block chain based technology for un-duplicable certification. The general usage has been digital arts created by individual artists like one from Open sea and Rarible, but recently more cases focusing on “Branded contents” owned by companies are increasing like NBA Top shot.


McLaren to Build NFT Platform on Tezos By coindesk 2021/6/17 https://www.coindesk.com/want-to-own-a-piece-of-cnns-news-history-of-course-theres-an-nft-for-that

Want to Own a Piece of CNN’s News History? There’s an NFT for That By coindesk 2021/6/18 From user perspective, they can buy NFT as digital goods to realize their loyalty. They may be satisfied by owning itself, or by showing ownerships to others. On top of it, as described in the token economy, we’ve connected such branded NFTs with branded tokens which were previously “point.” User will get more tokens by using services, and they can convert the tokens to NFTs which prove their loyalty to brands. It enables brands to build eco system of their real business activities and digital based, brand new types of rewards. We believe more cases are coming in the market and want to make more exciting experience in daily lives happen together! もしご興味が出た方は[email protected]まで!

Thanks! Masaki

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