Released a news of completion Pre-Series A round, along with our product and service overview and projects of sustainability and local communities.

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March 16, 2023
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■24karat’s Business and Purpose of Funding
24karat proposes a strong connection between brands and users by leveraging the fluidity and scalability of Web3 to enhance convenience, and by building a loop in which the fundamental needs of loyal users, such as the desire for recognition and self-gratification, are satisfied in an enjoyable and continuous manner by the community.

We will focus on expanding our business with three main products and services to realize this user experience: APIs, web tools, and applications. The highly flexible platform allows brands to design and build experiences for loyal users that match their current user engagement and sense of challenge, and to launch initiatives quickly.

The number of users of 24karat’s proprietary wallet exceeded 50,000 as of February 28, 2023, about four months after full-scale operation, and the number of issued tokens and NFT mints is increasing daily.

This funding will accelerate the development of the platform to make it more scalable and flexible to handle more cases, and will also strengthen business-side recruiting and marketing activities such as PR, marketing, and sales.

In addition, we will develop services for brand marketing and begin bottom-up community support that is compatible with Web3. We will begin an initiative to issue free tokens for social issues such as sustainability, education, and health, as well as public interest tokens for local governments, and to recruit a consortium of partner companies. We are looking forward to hearing from companies that want to post their missions and promote user action, as well as from partner companies that agree with the purpose of the initiative and promote products and business together.

■Comments from 24karat

[Co-Founder Masaki Ogawa]We are grateful to have the backing of very strong investors who share our vision and affinity for 24karat’s business. We believe that the Web3 world, where digital activity is provable to everyone, is the next big wave needed in a society where digital is the norm. We will strive to realize a world that brings overwhelming practicality as well as a little new excitement to our daily lives.

[Co-Founder Seth Luan]
We express our gratitude to our investors for their unwavering support and belief in our vision. We firmly believe that the emergence of Web3 will lead to the next paradigm shift in the internet. However, we recognize that this technology’s success depends on creating exceptional user experiences in collaboration with various partners to integrate it into people’s daily lives. We eagerly anticipate the day when we can enhance people’s happiness with the immersive experiences we create.

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Adopted by Plug and Play Japan Accelerator program Winter/Spring 2023 Batch

Adopted by Plug and Play Japan Accelerator program Winter/Spring 2023 Batch

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