24karat has been mentioned on DIAMOND SIGNAL

24karat has been mentioned on DIAMOND SIGNAL

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March 15, 2023
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24karat has been mentioned by Hiroki Tejima, Partner of XTech Ventures.


“A team with a track record of launching new businesses and monetizing in the field of digital marketing is taking on the challenge of transforming the field of brand point programs and CRM using blockchain and tokens. After joining us from the registration and investing in our founding, this field has begun to rise in Japan as well, but I hope that we will make good use of this movement to realize the vision that they have from the beginning and surf. They have strong sales capabilities to large companies, and they have started working with Sapporo Breweries and others.”

The article itself is very stimulating by mentioning the future with Web3.0, blockchain, and Metaverse. Please check it out!

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